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Nutrition Counseling / Revitalize

Enjoy good food, keep your weight and feel great!

Enjoy food, maintain a healthy weight and improve your sense of well-being.
The resetting.point method helps you to achieve this goal. You will learn that with the right nutritional approach you can manage stressful situations more effectively.

Good nutrition to defeat stress

Nutrition influences our health directly. In stressful situations we may resort to comfort eating or fast food without thinking of the ill effects this can have. This unhealthy nutrition makes us even more vulnerable to stress and we can end up in a vicious circle before we know it. Stress disables the body’s ability to absorb important and essential nutrients and this can lead to health problems sooner or later.

Nutrition analysis

A regular and important component of the resetting.point method is the nutritional analysis, which will show you which nutritional model will help you to strengthen and re-vitalize your body and mind. A balanced nutritional plan, specially customised to your needs, leads to more energy, inner peace and a natural balance.

Increased well-being

Good nutrition, through a varied and delicious diet, is an essential part of everyday life. As an experienced nutrition counsellor I will take this challenge with pleasure and help you to increase your personal sense of well-being.