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Psychological Counseling / Refocus


Finding a solution to your problem through short therapy.

Solution Focussed Counseling (SFC)
With short therapy we develop new solutions for old(er) or recurring issues. Through thorough questioning and understanding we can activate your ability to be successful in life, develop good relationships with others and improve your sense of personal well-being. As soon as you start using your newly discovered competencies, you can increase your joy and quality of life step by step.

ILP (SFC in English) was developed by Dr. Dietmar Friedmann more than 30 years ago and is a method of personal development coaching. The benefit to you: no long term therapy necessary! After a short period of time you will be able to resolve your own inner mental blocks thanks to new tactics, a new perspective and a different pattern of thinking, doing and feeling. You will learn a new way of managing problems in relationships, or in relation to others in general, stress due to work or other health problems – your quality of life will improve, guaranteed!

Learn how to solve your problems yourself
Wouldn`t it be great to be able to influence, in an active and positive way, all aspects of your life yourself?
Instead of analysing problems, making a diagnosis and drawing up a treatment plan, we work towards a solution together right from the start!
Our Refocus Program will guide you through difficult areas of life e.g.
• personal development
• personal & family life
• professional life
• life and lifestyle planning
• defeating stress and anxiety

Refocus as relationship and marriage counselling – providing the time and space to talk, and to listen to one another.
It doesn`t matter if you`re married, living together, single, gay or straight, we`re here to help you!
Every relationship needs positive impulses to stay alive. The sessions, which will be sometimes as a couple, other times individually, will show you through exercises and interventions how to :
• communicate with each other in the right way for you
• deal with expectations
• defeat fears and concerns
• react to jealousy, suspiciousness and adultery
• have a more interesting and more attractive sex life
• make decisions on different aspects of life

Please note that all coaching and counseling is offered in English, German (Swiss German) or Dutch, so choose your language!