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Classic massage Lucerne / Relax

Massage is one of the oldest remedies…..

Through special techniques of Swedish massage therapy, the blood circulation is stimulated. As tight muscles loosen, body and mind will relax. Massage strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and releases a feeling of happiness.
Through Swedish massage painful and tense muscles will be treated through the following techniques: smooth pressure, stretching, traction, shaking, stroking and tapping. With this treatment your body will “let go” and release stress. Headaches and feelings of exhaustion will be eased. This form of massage stimulates your body in a specific way. The massage therapy will respond correspondingly which leads to relaxation.

Sports massage

If you practise sports or strain yourself physically at work, this will cause muscular exhaustion which leads to hyperacidity. Waste products such as lactic acid will be released within the muscles and will cause pain, a sense of fatigue and exhaustion. Sports massage stimulates your blood circulation through kneading and stretching. These techniques help your body to break down the toxins and work them out of your system. The muscular-system will be able to recover. Sports massage is a more powerful massage technique than Swedish massage – and it is very soothing for people who strain their muscles in their work, or for those who love their workouts.

Wellness massage

If you prefer a soft recovery for your body and mind, then a wellness massage will be right for you. This kind of massage helps to prevent health problems and improves your quality of life. Wellness massage is performed in a gentle way and can be combined with hot stones.
Treat your body and mind with this most exclusive massage. Also great to give as a birthday present! Vouchers are available in a unique gift cover.

Massage & Intuition

Alongside all the physical skills and techniques, intuition is an important aspect of all the massages resetting.point offers. Especially in a complete body massage, the focus lies on the body’s needs. Through intuition weak spots in your musculoskeletal system can be detected and located. Your body will get the support it needs to loosen the muscles and to release tenseness. The massage therapy is very relaxed due to its deep tissue treatment; long and short slow motion strokes.

Let your body speak, we will treat it well.