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Vonmattstrasse 48
6003 Luzern

Phone. +41 (0)79 307 03 91
Mobil. +41 (0)78 909 76 46


Eva Rietmulder

Psychological Counsellor

I`m capable to motivate people to redesign their lives through SFC, my natural ability to empathize, my sincere interest in people and their complications in life. I`m happy to work in this strong team and to contribute to the resetting.point method with SFC.

Oscar Halfmouw

Medical massage therapist

I practise my profession with love and passion. It`s meaningful to me to be a part of the resetting.point team and to contribute to your well-being!

Hilary Witt

Nutrition Counsellor

Being a part of the resetting.point team as a nutrition counsellor is wonderful! It would be a pleasure to walk a few steps beside you on your path of life. I could give you some valuable tips; how you can nourish yourself in a balanced and healthy way without abstaining from the joy of tasty food. Welcome to resetting.point!